Thursday, 26 April 2018

How to fix the “84 Replace PC Kit” Error Message of Lexmark Printer?

Lexmark is one of the well-known America based companies that offers the laser printers as well as imaging products to its users. All the Lexmark laser printers have various advanced features like high quality print-outs, multi-functional, impressive printing speed, and many more. As a result of such advanced features, the Lexmark printers attained a great popularity among its users.

Sometimes the users may face some common errors or issues while utilizing the Lexmark Printer for carrying out the printing function on it. One such common error is Lexmark Printer “84 Replace PC Kit” error. The Lexmark Printer “84 Replace PC Kit” error message could be easily resolved by following the stepwise procedure mentioned in the below information, without calling the Lexmark Printer Customer Support.

The Lexmark Printer “84 Replace PC kit” error message is mostly caused due to the issues with photoconductor of the printer device. As the issues of photoconductor arise on the Lexmark Printer device, one of the following error messages (as listed below) occurs on the display:
1.       “84 Replace PC Kit”
2.       “Replace Photoconductor”
3.       “84 PC Kit Life Warning”
4.       “Lexmark Error Code 84”
5.       “Photoconductor Exhausted”
6.       “Photoconductor Life Warning”

The Photoconductor page counter is used for counting the revolution count made by the roller on the photoconductor. Thus, the Photoconductor is regarded as one of the most important element of the printer device.

If any of the aforementioned error messages is displayed on the Lexmark Printer device then, the users may resolve this error by resetting the page count of the photoconductor, instead of calling the Lexmark Printer Technical Support. For resetting the page count of the photoconductor, follow the steps mentioned below:
  • 1.    Firstly, open the front cover of the printer device, keeping the device turned-on.
  • 2.   Now, hold the “Stop /Cancel” button for 5 seconds, until the “Resetting PC Counter” message is displayed on the display.
  • 3.       Once the “Resetting PC Counter” message is displayed on the screen, makes sure that the count has been set to “0”.
  • (Important Note: If the users are not able to reset the page count to “0” then, they may call the Lexmark Printer Help number, to get an instant help.)
  • 4.       After this, close the front door of the Lexmark Printer Device.
  • 5.       Last, restart the device and when the device becomes “Ready”, use it for printing the documents.

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